About Us

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

​At Beaux Monde Media, our goal is to empower business owners from the start - building the foundation of your business, branding & designing your online presence, & building a custom marketing strategy to help you continue to succeed. 

We work with businesses of all kinds to ensure you are properly certified, set up online, & socially present.

The Beaux Monde Media Team

Founder & Head of marketing services

Caitlyn J Lopez

Meet Caitlyn Lopez, the Founder of Beaux Monde Media and the Head of Marketing Services. With more than 6 years of marketing experience under her belt, Caitlyn has poured her passion into honing her skills, which she now expertly applies to clients. Her portfolio spans diverse clientele, ranging from small businesses to big corporations and even independent contractors. Caitlyn excels at optimizing digital platforms, creating captivating aesthetics, and driving niche-specific traffic to desired destinations. Notably, her work has garnered recognition through news broadcasts and articles.

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creative coordinator & branding specialist

Elizabeth O'Connor

Introducing Elizabeth O'Connor, Beaux Monde Media’s Brand Specialist & Creative Coordinator. With a vast network spanning empowerment groups, financial experts, influencers, models, and entrepreneurs, Elizabeth brings a rich understanding of various professional realms to her role. As a brand builder and creative strategist, she crafts engaging narratives and ensures seamless social platform integration. Her expertise in brand building and development adds a dynamic layer to our team's comprehensive skill set.

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Head of Artist & Celebrity Clientele

Mu Real

Meet Mu Real, the creative force driving Beaux Monde Media's Artist & Celebrity Clientele. With a profound musical background and a savvy understanding of social media dynamics, Mu propels artists and celebrities towards success by crafting compelling brand narratives. Notably, Mu works with renowned figures like Dwight Howard, harnessing expertise to enhance their personal brands. Through dynamic content creation and strategic brand building, Mu's influence is felt across the global entertainment landscape.

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