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Social media only works if you're social.
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Caitlyn Lopez, Owner of Beaux Monde Media

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Benefits of Working with Us


Build a Brand That’s Recognizable

Spread Your Story To Your Audience

Attract and Cherish Your Audience


Get Your Fans to Your Site


Make Your Conversion Grow Like Crazy

Why Work With Us?

It’s very simple!


We will work on your social media, web design, or build content while you sleep.


Researching every single topic until it’s fully completed and will never deliver results that will end up ignored, blocked or banned.


I keep the “big vision” in mind!

Because working with an expert guarantees that your brand will grow over time. 


Knowing how to make your marketing work for you and your business is a HUGE benefit.

Ultimately - we are here to make your brand elegant and high class by using a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy...

What We Do


Website Design

Making and building your website efficient and gorgeous. Click on this tab to see these websites we've built!

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Professional Photography

Professional photography to enhance your brand and add to your social media presence!

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Logo Design

Creating a logo that ties in your brand at an affordable price.



Consulting your team on how they can improve your social media! Your first consultation is on us!

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Professional Videography

Professional videography to enhance your brand and add to your social media presence!

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Email Marketing

Creating and sending thoughtful emails to your clients.


Social Media Management

Tired of posting on socials? No need, your day-to-day marketing is handled. 


Traditional Marketing

Designing anything from business cards to billboards!

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Content Creation

Creating content for your various social media platforms.

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Caitlyn J Lopez has been the perfect marketing manager for Teddy Lash Co. With her consistent online marketing presence she has been able to promote brand awareness and boost sales. Not to mention, she helped manage & designed marketing content for all of Teddy Lash Co social media pages. 

She has also helped me improve my website by managing sales, helping customize the site to make it more visually pleasing & providing me with analytical data on what works best for the business. 

From day one, Caitlyn has been the perfect fit for my business, as she always brings fresh ideas to the table & continues to help increase business. I am very grateful that she is part of the Teddy Lash Co team!

Audrey Badasci

Owner of @teddylashco

Caitlyn Lopez has not only been easy to work with and one of the best additions to our team, she is also BEYOND well-versed as a social media/marketing manager. Her expertise in marketing and social media management has always been exceptional and an immense help with growing our brand. She also is responsible for building our extraordinary website for all of our fans to enjoy! Caitlyn is always on top of all our posts, captions, stories, and engaging our followers in every way possible. Since she has been a part of the team, she has introduced new ways for us to grow our professional media presence, while also growing our engagement. Every company needs their own Caitlyn. We are beyond blessed and thankful to have her as a part of our team!


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