Insider Secrets: Three Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Followers

Insider Secrets: Three Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Followers

Buying followers on Instagram may seem tempting, but it's a practice that should be avoided for several important reasons. In this blog by Beaux Monde Media, Let's delve into why purchasing followers is never okay and how it can negatively impact your brand.

Bots & Inactive Users:

One of the main issues with buying followers is that the accounts you acquire are often either bots or inactive users. These accounts are unlikely to engage with your content or interact with you in any meaningful way. As a result, your content will not receive the desired exposure through the Instagram algorithm. While you may notice a temporary boost in follower count, the engagement from these purchased followers will quickly dwindle, providing no long-term value to your profile or content.


Having a large number of followers without genuine engagement hurts your brand rather than helps it. It diminishes your brand's value and credibility in the eyes of your audience. People can easily spot discrepancies between the number of likes you receive and the size of your follower count, leading to suspicion about the authenticity of your followers. Trust is a crucial component of building a successful brand, and purchasing followers erodes that trust, making it less likely for people to believe in and support your brand.

Inauthentic Activity: 

It's also worth noting that Instagram is actively combating fake followers and inauthentic activity. With updated terms and conditions, Instagram has the ability to identify and remove fake accounts. If your purchased followers are detected, Instagram can remove their likes, follows, and comments, leaving your account with reduced engagement and potentially damaging your reputation. Moreover, violating Instagram's guidelines by buying followers could result in your account being banned from the platform altogether, causing a significant setback for your brand's online presence.

What to Do Instead: 

Instead of resorting to buying followers, focus on building an organic and engaged following. Invest time and effort in creating high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. Engage with your followers by responding to comments, initiating conversations, and fostering a sense of community. Implement effective strategies such as collaborating with influencers, running targeted ad campaigns, and leveraging hashtags to attract genuine followers who are genuinely interested in your brand.


Remember, building a strong and authentic following takes time and dedication. By prioritizing genuine engagement and nurturing real relationships with your audience, you'll create a more meaningful and sustainable presence on Instagram. Ready to take your media presence to the next level? Schedule your complimentary consultation with Beaux Monde Media now!
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