How to Successfully Market Your eCommerce Business

How to Successfully Market Your eCommerce Business

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you already know that competition is fierce. And, you probably don’t have the same budget as the “big boys” in the market, such as Amazon and eBay. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to have deep pockets to have an effective marketing strategy. Starting out may even be easier than you think. Having happy employees, knowing where to find customers, and making sure that these customers come back, again and again, are three important things you can write into your marketing strategy.

Finding Customers Online

As ZenBusiness details, customer satisfaction should be one of your most important objectives. When you deal in eCommerce, your first priority is to have an easy-to-navigate and find website. Beaux Monde Media should be your first stop. With years of experience in web design, logo design, content creation, and social media management, Beaux Monde Media can help you establish your online real estate.

After your site, you’ll want to target social media. There are plenty of online tools, including Google Analytics, that will help you identify where your ideal customer might be looking online for your specific products. You might find that, for example, those who spend the most money tend to follow your competitors on Twitter while those who make the most frequent purchases tend to visit Facebook, where you can utilize Marketplace to increase brand awareness.
Establish A Recurring Relationship
If you think keeping your employees happy and finding customers is the hard part, think again. The most difficult aspect of running an eCommerce enterprise is convincing your customers to come back again and again. One way to do this is by focusing on what Sellbrite calls “customer delight.” This is simply the process of making your customer smile. Why is this important? Because they will associate you with something positive and will be more likely to reach out again when they need products that you sell. A few ideas here are to leave a handwritten card in each shipment, plan a surprise-free shipping day, or host a promotion that promises fun prizes while encouraging social media interaction. Further, always keep your customers’ data safe so that you can avoid a potentially business-closing breach.
Other Tips:
  • Establish a rewards program that encourages loyalty.
  • Stay active on social media by responding to reviews and comments.
  • Prioritize customer service and ensure that each employee is trained in best practices.
  • Provide content on your site that’s relevant and useful.
  • Focus on customer experiences and not just your product.
  • Keep the shopping process simple.
  • Invest in custom packaging that showcases your logo or points your customers to other products you sell.
  • Increase response times and provide after-hours service using artificial intelligence.
  • Keep up with your customers’ personal information using a customer relationship management software.
  • Show gratitude to both your workers and customers.
  • Reduce downtime on your website to as close to zero as possible.
Running an eCommerce business takes work. But, when you focus on what’s important, which is your customers and your employees, you’ll find that the rest of your marketing strategies fall into place. The more you get to know the people that run your business and fund your business, the better you’ll be at making sure that business caters to those that matter most.
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