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How to Get Your Work/Life Balance on Point

Updated: Jan 11

Is your work/life balance on point? Here are 5 tips to get you on the right track!

1️⃣ Start time tracking

While this seems like a pain, it actually allows for awareness on where you spend your time and efficiency as a result of your reactions to your past performance.

2️⃣ Learn to outsource

You can't do it all yourself, & even if you can, there's always room for a spare set of hands. This also allows for you to spend time where it is most important in your business!

3️⃣ Reduce meetings

While it's great to catch up with team members, it can end up taking up more time than needed. Try to keep meetings to only what's necessary, & you'll find you have more time in your day!

4️⃣ Increase focus

While this one is easier said than done, working on increasing your focus will pay off in the long run. Try a few different work strategies & see which one helps you maintain focus! One of our favorite methods is using a Pomodoro clock app, like @FlowApp.Info

5️⃣ Avoid distractions

Once you find what helps you stay focused, stick to it. For example, we find we get a lot done while listening to music! Put your headphones & your favorite playlist on, see how much you get done! It's all about personal preference, so be sure to try different things to see what's best for you!

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