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What does a Social Media Manager do?

Not sure what a Social Media Manager does? Here's a helpful guide!

1️⃣ Handle your posting.

The day-to-day is no longer in your hands. No more rushing to make the best post time, no more trying to figure out the right hashtags. All you have to do is watch the likes roll in!

2️⃣ Communicate with your key audience.

A social media manager will know where and when to find your ideal audience. They will engage with them and others in your niche!

3️⃣ Grow your community.

A Social Media Manager's main function is to grow your audience, and fill it with your ideal customer, as well as those who will become loyal fans!

4️⃣ Tracking and reporting growth.

How else are you going to know you are getting the ROI you are hoping for. These metrics are key to making sure you are growing month to month.

5️⃣ Fine-tuning your branding.

Branding must come across in all aspects of your brand. A Social Media Manager will know how to write the correct copy, utilize proper branding, and give you killer graphics!

If you have any more questions about Social Media Managers, let us know down below!

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