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Five Top Tier Website Optimization Tips

Updated: Jan 11

Figuring out how to build and optimize your website can be difficult, but no worries, Beaux Monde Media is here to help with five simple steps you can take! If you have any questions, book a free consultation with us or shoot us a message!

  1. Clearly communicate what you do: People should know when they get to your website exactly what you do. Make it easy for them to know what services you offer, where you’re located, etc.

  2. Use SEO: Search Engine Optimization goes a long way in getting results for your business. This is how you see certain sites at the top of your Google search results. Getting your business at the top of relevant searches helps you to stay relevant and get new clients!

  3. Have a footer with your contact information!: Make it easy for people to contact you. Add relevant information to the footer of your website.

  4. Use Instagram to direct traffic to your website: There are a couple simple ways, such as connecting your website link in your bio, and consistently using call to actions to get people to head to your site!

  5. Use a blog to direct traffic to your website: Giving people something to check out when they head to your website is key! Blogs are great because they are updated consistently, and can be marketed and monetized!

If you or your business are unsure of how to use these ideas, reach out to us for help!

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