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Our Favorite Research-Backed Web Design Tips

Updated: Jan 11

Here are some of our favorite research-backed web design tips!

1️⃣ Leverage a visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy refers to the order, size, color, and contrast of visual elements. Their relative prominence and the order in which they are perceived by the human eye are determined by it.

Web designers use visual hierarchy to direct visitors' attention to the most important elements first. Website layout involves factors such as position (high or low on the page), size (big or small), and visuals (video, images, icons) as well as contrast (colors and whitespace).

2️⃣ Answer all of your visitors' questions

You would never cut someone off during a sales meeting and stop answering their questions, would you? That’s all a short page does; it stops answering questions.

Having long, comprehensive pages that answer your visitors' questions in depth is okay.

3️⃣ Avoid jargon. Use simple words.

The easier the website is to read, the better the results. Use words that visitors expect to see. The temporal lobe works harder when we write long sentences and use fancy words. It's not good.

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