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How to Improve Your Web Design Skills

Updated: Jan 11

Ready to improve your web design skills? Keep reading to learn a few tips!

1️⃣ Add web fonts to your corporate style guide

Ensure that your branding is consistent by choosing fonts you can use across social media and your website! Creating a brand kit is the best way to ensure your branding is on point all around.

2️⃣ Ditch the slideshows & carousels

In most cases, people don't stay on the page long enough to see all the messages/tiles. Messages and images usually aren’t relevant to the user's first visit. Decide on the main action you want your user to take, and cater the site around them & that action.

3️⃣ Simplify Navigation

Reducing your visitors’ options might seem counter intuitive, but it can actually help guide people to your most productive content. Rather than overwhelming your website visitors with links to every page, simplify your navigation.

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