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The Influencer Starter Pack: Beginner's Edition

Updated: Jan 11

1️⃣ Find your niche

To find your niche, think of your passions. Then consider how you can convert those passions into content, whether it be a product, brand, or place.

2️⃣ Discover your niche on socials

Understand that discovering your niche begins with finding an audience sharing similar interests. They’re following you because they care about what you have to say. Share your passions with them while still highlighting the content. Being authentic will help you to grow organically.

3️⃣ Find brands within your niche

Once you’ve found your target audience, search for brands that fall into your niche. Select 3-4 brand you choose to promote and build a relationship. This way you can create quality content for those brands that you truly care about instead of sharing a random array of posts for brands that your target audience is not receptive to.

4️⃣ Tag and create content for brands

From here, be sure to tag the brands you are looking to work with in posts curated for them. Be sure not to do it excessively in order to maintain a natural relationship. Only tag brands you’re looking to partner with long term.

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