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Manage Your Schedule like a Pro: Time Blocking Edition

Updated: Jan 10

1️⃣ Create a routine

Create time blocks for specific activities and stick to them. If its not scheduled, either schedule it in, or relay it for a more convenient time. Consistency creates results. While your routine may change regularly, it is important to have a plan. We suggest downloading a calendar app that allows you to physically schedule your time.

2️⃣ Group work and meetings into blocks

Have time for work and meetings scheduled ahead of your week. Give yourself extra time in case of any last minute meetings. This time can be replaced with work that needs to be accomplished. Create more efficiency in those meetings by curating time blocks for meeting types. Example: a meeting to give someone quick advice should not take as long as a group meeting might.

3️⃣ Schedule in personal time

Personal time is just as important as anything else in your schedule. Whether it be time blocking your morning to workout, the evening with your family a couple times a week; or even just 30 minute increments a day to rewind. If its not scheduled, than its not made a priority. Remember; You are your top priority!

4️⃣ Manage your schedule

Time truly does fly. Be mindful of how you utilize said time in optimizing your day to day schedule. Create a plan, and stick to it. Nobody is in charge of your schedule but you! You are the boss of your own time, so you must abide by the rules you set for yourself. It is inevitable, simple application and consistency will lead you in the direction you desire to go.

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