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TikTok Tips & Tricks

Updated: Jan 10

Ready to level up your TikTok content? Here are a few of our favorite tips & tricks.

1️⃣ Find Trends that Fit Into Your Brand

Take a moment to browse your home page, explore the Discover tab, and hear what you are seeing and hearing. Be attentive to everything you see. The angle of the camera to the particular sounds and effects used by the creator all give you the opportunity to identify TikTok trends.

2️⃣ Batch Create Content

Batching your content is a method of creating captions or visual content all at once. Instead of planning, creating, and publishing one Instagram post at a time, you would spend time writing or "batching" a week's worth of captions.

3️⃣ Stay Consistent

Consistency is 🔑 when it comes to social media. Rather than posting every so often, come up with a plan to post a few times per week to keep your business consistent on socials.

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