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How to Boost Your TikTok

Updated: Jan 11

Here are 5 of the best tips & practices to get you started.

1️⃣ Jump on current trends

Whenever possible, take advantage of what's trending on TikTok at the time. Using viral sounds, memes, challenges, and hashtags will help you gain attention.

2️⃣ Boost your account authority

A video is much more likely to go viral if it comes from a well-known, quality account. This might sound vague when it comes to actionable TikTok tips and tricks, but it's actually quite simple. You must upload regularly over time to demonstrate your brand account's credibility on the platform.

3️⃣ Follow up on your content quickly

Follow up as soon as you see a video start to gain some traction - and fast! Make new videos and respond to comments immediately. Engagement speed and variety are important on TikTok, so waves of responses will help a video go further.

4️⃣ Keep video length short

For maximum watch time and completion rates, videos should be between 10-15 seconds long. On TikTok, these metrics matter a lot, as they show the algorithm that your video is worthy of being shared to a larger audience.

5️⃣ Use cross-promotion

Make the most of the existing fan base on another platform if your business has one! Direct traffic back to your TikTok account by sharing your videos on other platforms.

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