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Three Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Followers

It’s never okay to buy followers for quite a few reasons, but we are going to break them down for you!

Usually, Instagram followers that you purchase are either bots or inactive accounts, so they are not likely to engage with you or your content. This also means that your content won’t be pushed in the algorithm.

  1. You may see some engagement early on, but it’ll fade away. These followers do not add any long-term value to your profile or your content. Having tons of followers, but no engagement is not helpful to your brand.

  2. It decreases your brand value. Your credibility automatically goes down and makes people less likely to trust you. In addition to this, it’s easy for people to see if your followers are purchased, just by comparing the number of likes to the number of followers you have.

  3. Instagram is likely to find fake followers and remove them. Instagram’s updated terms and conditions have allowed them to remove inauthentic accounts. Instagram can remove any likes, follows, or comments from fake followers/bots. You also violate Instagram’s guidelines, which could end in your account being banned from Instagram.

If you or your business have any questions about this topic, reach out to us on Instagram, or schedule time to chat and we would be happy to help!

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