Three Blog Ideas for Influencers

As an influencer, a blog can be key to your marketing strategy. Brands and audiences love the in depth commentary if you do a product review, helps you to increase the amount of content you are able to create, and drives traffic to your website! If you don’t have a website, head to our homepage to set up a call to discuss building your site now! Here are three blog ideas you can use on your website.

  1. Your key to having a productive week: Your audience looks to you for advice, show them how you succeed, what you do when you need a pick me up, and how you tackle a busy week!

  2. Self-care rituals: Everyone loves self-care, but people tend to forget that it’s more than bath bombs and face masks. Teach them how you truly unwind from a long day.

  3. Your morning routine: Lots of people struggle with finding the best routine for them, show your daily routine to try to help them out! Add in a question sticker or a poll to see what your audience’s skin type is! Make sure to make these fun and interactive for your audience so they stay engaged with the content.

That’s all for our simple blog ideas for today! If you are unsure of how to use these ideas, reach out to us for help!

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