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3 of Our Favorite Softwares

Updated: Jan 11

Here are three of our favorite softwares all business owners should look into!

1️⃣ Google Workspace

We use Google Workspace for everything, spreadsheets, documents, notes, etc.

Could not give a higher recommendation. Free for personal use, and affordable for businesses as well.

2️⃣ Trello

Trello is a project management tool I use to keep track of all my projects for myself, my clients, even my personal life! It makes keeping everything organized super easy and ensures I get things done on time!

3️⃣ Wix

Wix is my favorite all-in-one web host! It allows you to do so much, from email marketing to creating social media ads! Whenever you need to build a website, I highly recommend Wix since it is 100% customizable. 

Do you plan to try any of these softwares? 

Let us know in the comments

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