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Social Media Tips & Tricks

Updated: Jan 11

Ready for some social media tips & tricks? Keep reading for more!

1️⃣ Focus your messaging

A focused message will allow you to create better quality content that is on brand and resonates with your audience. Your social media posts will always be relevant to your audience if you have a solid message that you stick to.

2️⃣ Keep an eye on trends

Don't follow every internet trend you see. You will quickly alienate your target audience if you create posts that don't align with your overall messaging.

3️⃣ Measure & analyze results

You should track these metrics on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis so you know when and if you need to make changes to your social media strategy.

4️⃣ Invest in video content

YouTube views have increased by 99% and Facebook views have increased by 258% over the previous three years. Tweets containing video are 6x more likely to be retweeted than Tweets that contain only a photo or text.

5️⃣ A/B test whenever possible

One social media marketing tip that a lot of professionals use is A/B testing. Split testing, or A/B testing, determines which headline will generate a better response for the same piece of content. The copy and CTA phrases used in a post will affect how people react to it, so A/B testing is essential.

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