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How to Create an Outstanding Marketing Plan

Updated: Jan 11

Ready to create an outstanding marketing plan? Here are five steps to get you started!

1️⃣ Business Summary

A summary of the organization includes:

- The company name

- Where it's headquartered

- Its mission statement

2️⃣ Business Initiative

The Business Initiatives element of a marketing plan helps you segment the goals of your department. Do not include big-picture company initiatives, which you'd normally find in a business plan.

3️⃣ Customer Analysis

Here's where you'll conduct some basic market research. If your company has already done a thorough market research study, this section of your marketing plan might be easier to put together.

4️⃣ Competitor Analysis

In your market research, you should consider your competition, what they do well, and where the gaps are that you can potentially fill. This can include:

- Positioning

- Market share

- Offerings

- Pricing

5️⃣ SWOT Analysis

Your marketing plan's Business Summary also includes a SWOT analysis, which stands for the business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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