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3 Reasons Why LLCs are Beneficial

Updated: Jan 11

Considering an LLC for your business? Here are three reasons why LLCs are beneficial.

1️⃣ Shield Your Intellectual Property

You don’t want your intellectual property to operate with the public; that’s your operating company’s job. Link your intellectual property in your LLC to your operating company.

2️⃣ Protect Your Personal Assets

Nothing is more devastating than losing everything you've worked for, your retirement, your children's education, or that dream home you've long coveted. In most cases, you hold all your assets in your own name: your savings account, your cars, and your mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. An LLC can protect your personal assets.

3️⃣ Raise Seed Capital

LLCs quickly are emerging as one of the leading vehicles for raising seed-stage or angel capital — small investments under $500,000. Although venture capital firms prefer to invest in corporations since they are familiar with them, smaller investors love limited liability companies.

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