Key Things to Know about Trademarks

Ready to learn more about trademarks? Here are a few 🔑 things to know!

1️⃣ They're an effective communication tool

Your trademark sends a message about you, your company, and your products/services. Your trademark doesn't necessarily need to be a word either, your trademark can also be symbolic.

2️⃣ Makes it easier for customers to find you

It's a crowded marketplace with lots of competition, so it's important your trademark/brand effectively communicates your brands personality and individuality. Your trademark is the first introduction to your brand, so it can be a critical factor in driving a customers purchasing decision.

3️⃣ Trademarks increase in value over time

The more your business reputation grows, the more your brand will be, and the higher your trademark increases in value; just like the stock market! As your trademark increases, so do your opportunities for expansion!

4️⃣ Trademarks never expire

Did you know, once you register a trademark, it never expires? it's a one and done deal. No need to worry about renewals!

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