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5 Instagram Features You Didn't Know About

Updated: Jan 11

Ready to learn 5 Instagram features you didn't know about? We've got you covered.

1️⃣ See all the posts you've liked

All you have to do is go to your own profile and click the "Settings" button in the top right — a gear icon on iPhone/iPad, and three dots on Android — then, click "Account", and finally "Posts You've Liked."

2️⃣ Optimize your Instagram bio to appear in the Explore tab

By clicking the magnifying glass icon shown above, users can browse the entire Instagram community by topic and keyword. Among them are "Fitness," "Style," and "Science."

In addition to hashtagging your posts with these terms, you can also include them in your name and bio to reach people searching for these topics.

3️⃣ Pin your Instagram post to Pinterest

In the Instagram mobile app, tap a post to view it in full, then tap the three dots to the right of the image. To copy the picture's link to your clipboard, select "Copy Share URL".

Open the Pinterest mobile app - or download it if you haven't already - and navigate to your profile page. As soon as you open Pinterest, it might ask you if you want to use the image from your clipboard if you have the latest version downloaded. If not, select the "+" icon to the top right to add a new pin, and you'll see a menu of options where you can add your "Copied Link" to a new Pin or board on your profile.

4️⃣ Create a collection of saved posts

Start by going to your profile, and tapping the "Settings" icon at the top-right of your screen, and then select "Saved". Next, press the "+" button and name your new Collection. You can add pictures you've already saved to collections there!

If you hold down the bookmark button, you will be able to save the post to the collection of your choice.

5️⃣ Create an auto-complete quick reply for standard responses

To do this, click "Business" in your Settings, and then "Quick Replies" — or, click the three-dot chat bubble icon on bottom of screen, and then click "New Quick Reply".

Add a shortcut you can use to enter the response. For instance, you might type "returnpolicy" as a shortcut for a longer response, i.e.: "Hey there. We're sorry your purchase didn't meet your expectations. Luckily, we permit 30-day returns, no questions asked. Please send us your order confirmation number to get the process started."

You can enter the shortcut "returnpolicy" into the comment box when you want it to auto-generate, or you can tap the 3-dot chat Quick Replies bubble icon at the bottom of your screen to select a response you've already created.

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