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How to Improve your Engagement on Instagram 👀

Updated: Jan 11

1️⃣ Create a content strategy

Post intentionally. Creating content that adds value to your audience will increase your engagement and create a community of supporters. When considering valuable content, remember the 4 pillars: Educate, Inform, Inspire, Entertain.

2️⃣ Clean up your account

Remove any fake accounts or inactive followers from your profile. Unfollow pages that don't align with your values, its important your account is only connecting with like-minded people. By doing this, it will help Instagram understand who your content should be shown to. This way only people who align with you will see your page, increasing their likeliness to engage.

3️⃣ Create reels

While reels are necessary to grow, they do help to create a better connection with your audience as well. Being able to see your face and hear your voice helps build trust and relatability. As the saying goes, people buy from people they trust, so letting your audience get to know you is 🔑

4️⃣ Be social

Your page should be a community, but you must build it first! Start by replying to comments left on posts. Also try engaging with pages in your niche! You can do this by commenting on their posts, replying to their stories, etc. This is a great and easy way to start conversation and build relationships!

5️⃣ Remain consistent

Now this is the most simple, yet hardest step of them all. Results take time. Once you find something that works, you must stick to it!

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