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4 Tips to Increase Reel Engagement

Updated: Jan 10

Here are four of our favorite tips to increase reel engagement.

1️⃣ Take advantage of trends

Pay attention to current reel trends. This allows you to see which videos and sounds are popular. From here, you can create content following this format and you’ll likely get views and engagement!

2️⃣ Experiment with new ideas

Brands can use Instagram reels to be creative and come up with their own ideas. And who knows, the idea can become a trend of it's own! That’s definitely a win for any creator! Just make sure to consider two key things: What would be interesting to your audience and what can you share that will highlight your strengths?

3️⃣ Include a caption and use hashtags

Reels will only show the first 55 characters. Save those longer captions for your main feed.

4️⃣ Post reels consistently

In order to seriously build your platform & yourself as a leader within your niche, you must stay on top of your content. Between posting consistently and keeping up with the current trends, growth is inevitable.

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