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How to Improve your Instagram Engagement

Updated: Jan 10

Ready to improve your engagement on Instagram? Keep reading to learn more.

1️⃣ Post regularly

Maintaining a regular posting schedule on Instagram is one way to build a loyal following and to keep your audience engaged. Plan to post on your story daily, (Pro tip: include polls, questions and stickers to your stories) and have set days for grid posts.

2️⃣ Find the right hashtags

Instagram was built on hashtags. By finding hashtags, your niche audience will have an easier time discovering your page. Use a hashtag analytics tool to track hashtags that will best benefit you & your brand.

3️⃣ Post reel content

Video content has become high in demand for viewers. According to Instagram, your followers spend more time on videos, lives, and reels, which increases your profile engagement. Instagram also pushes video content the most in it's current algorithm.

4️⃣ Engage with others

By simply tagging others featured in your post, you increase your account's engagement. If the person or brand re-shares that post, their audience

can now see your content as well.

5️⃣ Be your authentic self!

Authenticity is valuable, and it stands out to your followers. While the internet may make it seem like it, nobody's perfect! Interact with your followers and show them your appreciation for their support.

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