How to Create a Perfect Instagram Bio

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Creating and optimizing your bio for yourself and your business can feel overwhelming, but today we are going to go over five simple tips that will help you create the perfect Instagram.

  1. Optimize your name and bio for Instagram search queries.

For example, if you are a photographer, you would want your Instagram name to read as “James | SF Photographer” to be found in Instagram searches for photographers in San Francisco. Don’t forget, your name can only be thirty characters, so make sure that you only include relevant information. The rest can go in your bio!

2. Add your skills and some keywords for your target audience.

For example, we mentioned putting that you are a photographer in your name, but what type of photography do you do? Where are you located, if this didn’t fit in the section for your name?

3. Establish a connection with your audience.

This is where you will be able to insert a call to action, such as Book Now! If you are an influencer, you can also share some of the things you frequently post about!

4. Add a LinkTree or SociaTap to link all of your social media and important links in one place.

Linktree is great, but I think SociaTap is much more aesthetically pleasing, in addition to the fact that it has options such as SEO and FavIcon customization!

5. Get creative with your bio!

If you or your business are unsure of how to use these ideas, reach out to us for help!

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