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How to Get Noticed on Instagram

Updated: Jan 11

Ready to get noticed on Instagram? Here are 5 of our favorite tips.

1️⃣ Choose appealing aesthetics

Instagram relies heavily on aesthetics. At its core, it's a picture and video-sharing website, so the image is everything.

Create a brand aesthetic for your account and stick to it. For exmaple, you need clean and sleek images for a fashion brand. However, you should use brighter, eye-catching photos to promote a lifestyle brand.

2️⃣ Find your niche

You need to know your target audience to effectively boost your following. Determine who your ideal followers are and how you want them to interact with your social media and brand.

It's good to be multifaceted, but it is easier to target your content to a niche audience.

3️⃣ Use engaging captions

Using witty, sharp captions that explain clearly what they're seeing will keep your followers engaged. People want to feel connected to the brands they follow, so captions display your brand's personality well. Engage them through captions. Be informative and descriptive, but don't go overboard. On social media, people enjoy reading simple, short, and engaging captions.

4️⃣ Be smart with your hashtags

Hashtags are a smart way to increase the likes, views and shares of your posts. There is a limit of 30 hashtags you can use per post on Instagram. Make sure to do your research on the right hashtags for each post.

5️⃣ Post at the right time

Posting at optimal times when you get the most impressions and interactions on Instagram is the best way to get followers. Instagram uses an algorithmic timeline, but the algorithm still considers optimal posting times.

Your Instagram insights can tell you when the majority of your followers are online. You can access those insights by clicking the bar chart icon under the profile tab. Make sure you post something that will brighten your followers' day if you know they will be online more in the morning. You can save your networking for after work hours if they're scrolling at night.

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