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How to Generate More Sales without Being Sleazy

Updated: Jan 11

Not sure how to sell your product/service without feeling sleazy? Beaux Monde Media has you covered.

đŸš« DON'T

- Show up only when you have something to sell.

Be consistent. Show them you are trustworthy and reliable.

- Just post about your products, launches, or sales.

Provide value to your customers. Show them why you do what you do and they will love you!

- Promise more than you can actually deliver.

There's no faster way to ruin a client relationship than this. Set expectations you can meet to ensure both your satisfaction as well as your clients.

✅ DO

- Show up to add value and build trust with your customers.

Build value with your ideal clients every day!! This is so key to growth and sales.

- Share content that centers around your content pillars.

Make sure your content stays relevant to your brand. You can do this by following your content pillars.

- Engage with your community. Answer and ask questions.

These are the key ways to provide value and sell without feeling sleazy!

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