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How to Catch the Attention of Your Dream Client Today

Updated: Jan 11

Not sure how to capture the attention of your dream client? Let's break it down.

1️⃣ Add more value than anyone else.

Providing value is key to attracting your dream client. Show them you know what you're talking about, and that you care, and the dream client will begin to find YOU.

2️⃣ Post only relevant content.

Post the content that FITS your brand. This is so important to finding your key audience and keeping them engaged once you do find them and convert them to followers.

3️⃣ Don't try to sell constantly.

People can tell when you are just trying to make a quick buck, versus when you care and provide value to your clients. If you share your offer, just share it so they know what it is, and can choose if it's right for them. Don't beg for a sale.

4️⃣ Respect people's time.

Try to keep your meetings and videos as concise as possible. This doesn't mean to cut everything short, but to make sure that you are sharing value, and keeping in mind that your dream client has more on their plate than you and your offer!

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