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Do you have a Content Calendar?

Updated: Jan 11

Do you have a social media content calendar?

It's one of our favorite tools we use to run Beaux Monde Media. Here's why.

1️⃣ Get organized before things come up

We all get busy, which is why it makes sense to create your content ahead and plan it out so you just have to post it (or relax while Buffer does it for you)!

2️⃣ Customize for each platform

This is a great way to ensure you aren't sharing the same content and that you are tailoring content to each platform!

3️⃣ Track past performance

Rather than posting into the void, this is another great way to keep track of content and what's been posted about in the past!

4️⃣ Plan ahead for the holidays

This allows you to plan ahead and create custom content for various upcoming holidays, even National days!

5️⃣ Plan hashtags ahead of time

Plan and RESEARCH your hashtags ahead of time. Hashtags are awesome, but not without some research. For example, if your current hashtags aren't working, they could be banned, or your reach could be low enough that your post is drowned in the hashtag. With the proper research, hashtags can help you to reach the proper people!

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