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5 Blogging Trends to Focus on this Year

Updated: Jan 11

Ready to learn 5 blogging trends you should focus on this year?

Keep reading to learn more!

1️⃣ Visual Content

Studies have shown that readers remember 65 percent of the visual content they've seen even three days later. By adding images and videos to your content, you can break up chunks of text and offer your audiences a new way to interact with your content.

2️⃣ Affiliate Marketing

In the U.S., more than 40 percent of affiliate commissions come from blogs. Through affiliate marketing, you can create an ongoing sales funnel outside of your website. As a result, you have a wider audience to reach and also improve your sales.

3️⃣ Critical Readers

Keeping your content accurate and fair is a must today. In order to support your claims, you should cite sources, statistics, and citations. You must also consider the vast amount of content that's readily available online. More and more people and brands enter the blogging scene each year. Content that is well-sourced and verified helps you stay competitive and harness your SEO.

4️⃣ Mobile-First Format

The popularity of mobile-first format is not going away anytime soon. Almost everyone these days reads on their phone. Consumers are constantly surfing the web from their phones, whether it's news articles in their Facebook feed or swipe up blogs on Instagram. Any digital content you create, such as your website, blog, and videos, must be mobile-friendly. There is nothing worse than clicking on an article only to find it cut off from the screen or pixelated.

5️⃣ Estimated Reading Time

Reading times appear to be a recurrent theme in modern blogging trends. Establishing expectations from the beginning helps increase reader engagement. In case you know you have just 10 minutes before your next meeting, but the blog takes 15 minutes to read, you might want to leave the blog for a different day. Similarly, if a blog takes two minutes to read, you might be enticed to open it right away because of the convenient length.

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