Beating the Instagram Algorithm

Beating the Instagram algorithm is key to being able to build your audience. Here are five important steps to beating the algorithm!

  1. Level up your captions: Make them interesting to your audience, add details, and use your brand voice! This is key to reaching your audience and sharing information with them!

  2. Post every day: Whether it’s a story or feed post this is very important! If you are creating enough content to post daily, it’s a great way to build your audience.

  3. Establish a connection with your audience: Use captions to ask how your followers are doing, chat with them in the comments, and interact with their responses to your questions or polls.

  4. Post consistently to test what works best: Does your audience like it better when you take a selfie, or a professional photo? Do they prefer filtered or unfiltered photos? You should always post what you want to post, but you should also keep in mind what your audience prefers.

  5. Get your audience to interact with your post in a certain way: Likes are great, but comments, saves, and shares are even better for “boosting” your post in the algorithm. One way to do this is to simply ask someone to do it, or to add it to your caption!

If you or your business are unsure of how to use these ideas, reach out to us for help!

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