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About Us

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

At Beaux Monde Media, our goal is to empower business owners from the start - building the foundation of your business, branding & designing your online presence, & building a custom marketing strategy to help you continue to succeed. 

We work with businesses of all kinds to ensure you are properly certified, set up online, & socially present 

After developing many business' certifications & online presences, we decided to make it official &  begin to help even more people establish & develop their businesses. 

Our Story


Caitlyn J Lopez

Caitlyn is the Founder of Beaux Monde Media & Head of Marketing Services. Caitlyn has over 6 years of marketing experience. She has dedicated herself to mastering the skill that she now applies to clients. Caitlyn has worked with a wide range of clientele, from small businesses, to corporations, & even independent contractors. Caitlyn optimizes digital platforms to increase aesthetic value & bring niche specific traffic to the desired destination. Through her work she has gained reputable notice on news broadcasts & articles. 



Introducing Kaby, the Co-Owner and Head of Business Services at Beaux Monde Media. With a diverse range of talents and skills, Kaby is a true multitalented creator and entrepreneur hailing from the vibrant 559 area. Her extensive expertise spans across various domains, including music, marketing, modeling, casting, and much more. She brings a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and business acumen to the table. 


Elizabeth O'Connor

Elizabeth is Beaux Monde Media’s Creative Coordinator. Elizabeth gained her experience through her network, connecting with empowerment groups, financial teams, influencers, models, & fellow entrepreneurs. These connections allowed her a broad understanding of multiple professional communities. Elizabeth brings creative concepts & prioritizes fluidity on social platforms. 


Mu Real

Mu Real is Beaux Monde Media's Head of Artist & Celebrity Clientele. Mu is an artist from the East Coast with strong musical roots & social media know-how. Mu helps celebrities & artists take what they’re doing to the next level with brand development & expertise. Mu has worked with a wide variety of clients from passionate artists worldwide to working with big name clients. Mu is currently in Taiwan with Dwight Howard creating content and continuing to build Dwight's brand. 

The Beaux Monde Media Team

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