About Us

Caitlyn Lopez, Owner of Beaux Monde Media


I started my journey back when I was really young (Well, old enough to open my account) and I’ve spent a lot of time there.


I’ve learned along the way how to grow a following to content that people actually engage with. 


Then during 2020, I was forced to leave my normal job and started my own marketing business.


And so Beaux Monde Media was born.


Ever since I’ve started my own journey, I’m enjoying it every single minute. 


I enjoy helping clients with the results that they want and strategizing with them that fits their brand.


It can be anything from website designing to photography and consulting.


And using social media marketing that gets people to take action and wants to do business with you is what I do. 


Acquiring, monetizing and retaining customers through a clear marketing strategy is my style.​ 


So what gets me going? 


Results that my clients get from working with us. 


It just makes me feel proud about them that they accomplished their dreams and it makes me want to help them succeed more.

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